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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Thanks to everyone on my Twitter page!!!! - 23rd July 2011

Thank you to everyone from my Twitter page for helping me get my views up.

Although I would have loved a few comments with links back to their blogs but hey you can't complain.

This just shows how sitting on Twitter for half an hour following new people and posting links to your blog.

In less than 1 hour I have received over 300 views from people I follow and who follow me on Twitter!

I don't bombard them with spam posts but instead gently introduce my blog and what it does and how it can benefit everyone who wants to make money from blogging.

Also you meet people from all over the world and they inturn will pass on the word that your blog is worth a read.

So Twitter can make you mega traffic but its not target or qualified traffic.

I will do an article today based on Getting Targeted Traffic To Your Blog.

Friday, 22 July 2011

22nd July 2011 - How To Blog

One topic that is always over looked online when doing research into making money is how to blog. Loads of people who are intermediate or even at a lesser stage will not find this article any use whatsoever, but there will be a considerable amount of viewers who will find it more than helpful than most of the advice they get online from the blogging pros.

So, how to blog?

Well for everyone living in the 1800's, a blog is an online archive of everything you chose to write and publish.

Now most people who make money from there skills of writing seem to be older but no matter what age you are, you may have skills and knowledge of a subject someone 20 years older may not so don't let that deter your motivation to get blogging.

When looking into how to blog you should have a pen and notepad ready to write down all the steps you need to take. Here is a list of the keys steps I believe should get you on your way to learning how to blog.

1. Research Free Blogging Sites.

2. Pick A BlogSpace Host.

3. Research Into Affiliate Programs Or Google Adwords.

4. Write Down At Least 10 Article Topics Relating To Your Chosen Subject.

5. Research Google Keywords Tool And Input Your Chosen Topic/Article Topic.

6. Name Your First Article The Same As One Of Google Keywords Suggestions, Preferably With Alot Of Global Searches And Least Competition.

7. When Writing Your Article Your Keyword(s) Should Appear In Your Post At A Ratio Of 5% (that means for every hundred words you should have at 1 keyword placed)

8. After Writing, Publishing And Adding Your Keywords You Should Research Services Such As Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Ping, Etc.

9. Add A Twitter Account To Your Blog And Build A Followers List While Promoting Your Blog Every Few Hours By Posting Links.

10. Keep Writing High Quality Articles And Comment On Similar Blogs With Your Feedback On Their Blog And Also Post A Link Back To Your Site.

11. Once You Have Wrote And Published Your Articles And Signed Up To The Above Mentioned Services(Which Are Free) Its Time To Start Adding Your Google Adwords To Your Page.

12. If You Are New To Blogging Then I Suggest Using As This Is In My Opinion The Easy Platform To Use When Starting Out.

So there you go How To Blog in 12 steps.

Its not the complete guide on how to be successful but it does explain how to go about getting started and after a few month of these steps you will be ready to move onto further fields and read through the rest of this blog for more advice which is posted everyday.

Hope it helps all the beginners out there, and to all the intermediate and ppro bloggers who already know how to blog, there will be more material for you later on today.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

21st July 2011 - How To Make Money

I have been away on holiday for 3 weeks and whilst on holiday I met a gentleman who is an internet millionaire and has actually built a company based on blogging and advertising which he claimed to have made him over 3 million pounds in 5 years!

I definitely believe the fact that he knew how to make money and has been doing it for years and obviously made a considerable amount of income as he staying in the top hotel in Dubai and had hired an impressive sport car from the most expensive car hire company in the middle east.

After a few drinks and a chat about how to make money online, he started to tell me the economics of his companies based on blogging and advertising.

He began by telling me that he was someone not too different from myself, he worked a 35 hour week and blogging was a hobbie which turned into a second income and then his lifetime career. He claimed that he made money online due to strategic methods which went something like this (I was a little drunk by this point so bear with me...)

First he started blogging for 2 hours every night of the week which made up 14 hours. After a year or so of continuos promotion of his site and excellent reading material being posted regularly, his blog was a hit. He then started another blog about how successfull his first blog was and that was also a success. Then came the part that blew my mind! He started selling his methods on ebooks, audio books, paper books and also built an online school of blogging which he charged internet users a small fee to view his daily and sometimes weekly tutorials which made him millions. He also knew how to make money online from advertising, because when he had reached 200,000 subscribers to his tutorials he started selling off advertising space to massive companies such as Coca-Cola and Nestle. Believe it or not he never involved himself with any other person during his venture and he succeeded! After 18 months of blogging he had quit his job and had an average income of £38,000 a year which is pretty impressive. By year two he had launched the mentioned above tutorials and sold advertising space on all his products and blogs and had started building a company who specialize in blogging for other companies to provide maximum exposure to the public and also it was used for market research purposes to gain feedback about products and services the customers/clients had purchased and how they believe it would benefit the company.

He had obviously been a very smart man to construct such wealth from such a once simple blog. I personally wouldn't say this would be possible for every blogger out there but you never know 2 hours of writing and posting your life/opinion/interest online for the world to see and read may bring you more than you expect.

Later on today I am going to get a few tips posted on how I believe everyone could make alot of money online.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Article 8 - How To Make Money Blogging From Home... 1st July 2011

I was on last night just reading through some articles that were very interesting and I actually learned something very important which not only showed you "How To Make Money Online From Blogging" but also showed you to drive great numbers of traffic to your site using keywords and keyword placement. It was for beginner and intermediate bloggers who have built their blogs and website but have not constructively thought about keyword tools and keyword placement. Placement strategies will not make a significant difference to traffice volumes immediately but it will over a period of 6 months if you use placement strategies in every article.

The title was "how To Make Money Blogging From Home" on, you should take a few minutes to read it, I will post a link below.

The techinques used can be broke down to 3 main areas which are essential to your Search Engine Rankings.

1.Keywords Tool

2.Keyword Placement


I'll start with top of the above list... KEYWORD TOOL.

I personally use Google Keyword Tool heres the link:

All you have to do is... Input words that you think people would have to search to find your blog, for example, I think people would have to input something along the lines of "how to make money online from blogging", so I input how to make money online from blogging in the keywords tool and click search, then Google incredibly shows you the amount of searches for certain keywords that are relevant to your blog or site. You then look through the list and evaluate the following things: Competition levels, Amount of Searches.

Competition Levels are the amount of other bloggers and sites that are using that option in the keyword placement therefore you want to find a keyword/phrase that is relevant to you article/blog/site with less competition.

After you have found the option that is relevant to your keyword/phrase, you have to evaluate the amount of searches that have been submitted.

Then you simply find an option which features your keywords/phrase with the lowest competition levels and highest search submits. In short LOW COMPETITION AND HIGH SEARCH SUBMISSIONS.

Secondly, we have Leverage. Most of us know about leverage in betting and the stock market. This can be something that can be scary to beginners but it is quite easy to understand.

Leverage means getting the more or bigger results for little or less work.
Services are available like the platform mentioned earlier in this article is more common ones are Digg, MoreShare, Ezine Articles and Ping.

Signing up to these services and platforms enables you to "ping" snippets or parts of your articles which linkback to your blog all over the net and attract the attention of the search engine trawling system.

So the leverage here would be writing one article and publishing it one your blog/site and submitting it to Ezine Articles and you reach thousands of traffic due to linkbacks to your blog.

Another one that nobody really takes advantage of is Twitter..

Now you may already have a twitter page but this is what I do..

I work 2 hours a day over 5 days on my blogs/sites and during this time I keep Twitter open in a seperate tab and follow atleast 30 people everyday that I do not know and simply keep posting updates from my blog on Twitter by inputting my my URL and a quick relevant snippet of whats in my article.
Its Great!!

I gain about 100 views aday from Twitter!

I hope this little bit of advice on "how to make money blogging from home"

Sorry about not posting any articles yesterday as I was away for the night with my Fiancee.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Free Ebook For Everyone Who Posts 10 Links To My Blog!

Thought I would do an article example of how to generate loads of traffic for free!

First of all you need to give something away for free when someone subscribes or follows your blog..

But it doesn't come for completely free...

You can ask them to post 10 links (or however many you want them to post) to your blog and send proof of this by emailing the links to these pages to you, then they will receive a free e-book which they can do with what they please.

So, once you have put the word out that they will get a free e-book for so many link postings to your blog, you have to upload you e-book of choice to a free storage site - I personally use - and once you receive and check that your links have been posted, simply email the subscriber the link to download the e-book for free!

So there you have it.. how to generate lots of traffic to your site for free!!

If your after my free e-book then leave a comment stating your name and email address and I will check the links you posted then I'll send you the link to the free e-book!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

E-Cigarette Affiliate Program

Thought I would do a quick mini article on the E-Cigarette Affiliate Program.

The Affiliate I signed up to today is provided by E-Cigarette Direct based in the UK.

It is free to sign up and takes around 6 hours to be approved and they also credit your account with £25.00 as soon as you sign up but can't withdraw that £25.00 bonus untill you make over £10.00 in commission but as soon as you make that £10.00 then its all yours!

They provide everything you could ever need to make some good money from their range of great products.

The Affiliate page even boasts excellent training manuals to show you how to exactly market and promote the product to the most effective point possible.

When you first join you are given a commission rate of 10.00% but this rises after you make so many sales.

The products are really easy to sell as only people who want to find out more or buy the products ever search it.

The products are all legit and can be distributed in anyway that is also legit.

Click the picture below to find out more about the program, never know it might be better than the others as it claims to be.

If anyone else tres this program then please comment on how you are getting on with it.

Personally I have only been an affiliate for E-Cigarette Direct for 2 days and have made 14 sales and have received over £200 in commission so I'm going to stick at it untill it drys up.

Which E-Cigarette?

After posting the article about the E-cigarette I bought the other day I have been bombarded by questions of which e-cigarette is best.

I posted a small review of the top brand of e-cigarette but still people ask which e-cigarette did you buy?

Well I bought the Halo E-cigarette because it was affordable, small, long lasting battery cell and to be perfectly honest it sound the best in Which E-cigarette Review Forum.

There are loads of different models and it would be hard to mention which e-cigarette would be best for you because its like real cigarettes, everyone has there own distinct brand and very rarely wonders from that brand.

So inconclusion, I have to say to the people who repeatedly ask which e-cigarette to buy that they must buy a few to find there own indivivual taste.

Hope that helps with the bombardment of messages with the title of "Which E-Cigarette Should I Buy?"

Click the picture below to see the new Halo Electronic Cigarette that I bought the other day.
Introducing the HALO electronic cigarette.